Piercing the Isolation

Photo by Heather Buckley

Speak Out

Your disorder would love to curl up in the catacombs of your mind, gorging on your silence. Don’t let it. Speak out. Whether that means writing a long email to a trusted friend, making a phone call, or confessing in person over tea, it’s important to tell another person about your eating disorder. Eating disorders can be a painful, shameful thing to share, but when we fling our secret monsters into the light, we strip away all their convoluted power, leaving us free to embrace the sunshine.

Bulimia was my safety web. I spun my own world around myself, blocking out all the horror and hurt of the world. Taking the first steps out of my tiny, safe world was terrifying. More than once I tumbled back inside bulimia, scared and miserable. I still fight the urge to huddle away instead of facing the light.

Your comfort zone might be a shrunken raisin right now, it might only reach across the street. So walk two streets. Take that terrifying step. It gets easier, I promise.


Get Involved In Something Bigger Than Yourself

Visit Love 146 and start a task force in your town to fight child sex trafficking. Raise awareness for Invisible Children to end the use of child soldiers and restore hurting places in Africa. Join the Peace Corps. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. Volunteer at a pet rescue. Walk for pro-life. Race in a 5k for a disease that you or a loved one has struggled with.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something that gets you busy. Don’t just buy the t-shirt, get involved.

Remind yourself that there is a wonderful, wild world out there, and you can use your body to make a difference in it. Your body is capable of movement, strength, loving touch, performance, rescuing, teaching. Surprise yourself with your capabilities.



One thought on “Piercing the Isolation

  1. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I definitely enjoy reading everything that is posted on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!

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