Sandy Crow: Starve

Photo by Valentin Ottone

She weighs the consequences
That hover on the scale:
To starve, to overcome this;
To eat, only to fail.

Her empty stomach aching
To drop just one more size—
Her image, frail and shaking
Disgusts her clear blue eyes.

Her collarbone is hollow,
Her arms but branches bare.
Her eyes, they paint dark shadows
Of “ugly” everywhere.

To this blinded perception
Body and mind she gave.
“Control?” Only obsession;
Empowered—yet enslaved.

Be honest; you are starving!
They simply cannot see.
They ask, “Why aren’t you eating?”
And you lie so earnestly.

Step off the scale; return now
To the one who for you died.
At His feet lay your cares down,
And you shall be satisfied.

You don’t have to feel forsaken,
You don’t have to bear the scars,
For the Bread of Life was chastened
So you wouldn’t have to starve.

Sandy Crow


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