The Fat-O’-Sphere

The Movement

We say we’ll be successful and dream-fulfilling and athletic and happy – when we’re thin. Our fat becomes our excuse. We put off our lives until we achieve this magical state. And those who are already thin are still looking for that magic – the magic that supermodels exude from the runways, the magic that cheerleaders and dancers are supposedly showered with. When we look at that belief, we realize its silliness, but it still festers in the back of our minds.

We can achieve our athletic dreams in the body we have now. We can travel, publish our novel, meet our prince charming, dance in public, win a competition in the body we have now. We don’t have to wait to be thinner, tanner, more toned, more exfoliated, more fashionable. Who we are right now is enough.

The Fat-O’-Sphere is a network of blogs, sites, galleries, and people that makes up the Fat Acceptance movement. In its extreme form, it is tumblrs splattered with images of obese women in lingerie, spurning skinny people in an effort to grab equal rights for overweight individuals, but the more sane, educated bunch are about accepting our bodies at whatever weight we already are – freeing us to love and care for ourselves.

The Fat Acceptance movement is about, well, accepting fat. It’s about being realistic about the actual threat of obesity and expecting the same treatment of obese and overweight individuals as their thinner counterparts. Even if you don’t agree with the movement, it is so refreshing to read the words of these Fat-O’-Sphere writers. They are rebels, unafraid of taking up space or declaring their opinions.

It would be difficult to find a movement so contrary to the voices of your eating disorder!

However, as you explore, make sure you remember that sexual desirableness doesn’t make you a woman. What makes you a woman is your love for others, your aliveness of spirit, your gentleness as well as your impertinent rebellions, your strength as well as your sweetness. Your womanness is found in what you do and who you are, not what you look like. You don’t have to prove that you’re sexually appealing to prove that you are valuable. You are already valuable. 

Fat Doesn’t Make You Lazy, Mean, Ugly, Jealous, Petty, Self-Loathing, or anything else. Fat makes you fat. Nothing more, nothing less.

Further Exploration

Here are the highlights of the Fat-o’-Sphere. Some of these links are currently updated, some of them are not, but they are all worth exploring. 


Association for Size Diversity and Health

National Association for Advancing Fat Acceptance

Health at Every SizeConsider signing the pledge!

Blogs and Vlogs

Shapely Prose

Joy Nash’s Fat Rants

Size Atedeals specifically eating disorder recovery

Articles and Individual Posts: For & Against

Geez Article Reprinted on “Two Whole Cakes”: Why the World Needs Fat Acceptance

Time Magazine: A Brief History of the Fat-Acceptance Movement

“Rogue Priest”: Concerns About Fat Acceptance  (Comments are also valuable)

2 thoughts on “The Fat-O’-Sphere

  1. As the author of the Rogue Priest article, I just want to go on the record and say that I am all for the Fat Acceptance movement. This is thanks largely to the discussion that happened in the comments, which alleviated the concerns I mentioned in my article. As far as I’m concerned the FA movement is doing great work.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Drew! Your concerns were valid and intelligent, which is why I included the post in my article, but I agree that those concerns are allayed by the discussion that occurred on your blog and on other web locations. I love what the movement is doing, and it has helped me so much on my recovery journey.

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