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You have control over your thoughts.  What you feed your brain – books, magazines, blogs – has a huge impact on how you think, but there’s another factor at play.  You can work from the outside-in,  transforming your media diet, or from the inside-out, taking captive every thought.  And as someone wise once said, “When you change your thoughts, you change your world.”

When you catch yourself reeling down a river of ED obsession, you have the power to step out. When you catch yourself disconnecting from the people around you, burrowing into your brain and turning over calories, you can choose to stop and re-engage in conversation. When you catch yourself determining the BMIs of every person on the street, you can choose to stop and notice hair color, outfits, or focus on stores and cars instead. You can direct your thoughts, you are not powerless to them.

As you redirect your thoughts, it will feel like you are just distracting yourself from the inevitable. You’ll eye others suspiciously and wonder, “What does everyone else think about?” You’ll feel empty, nervous. You may feel like if you stop thinking about your ED, you’ll lose something, miss something else.  Scribble down any thoughts that stubbornly resurface, then let them go.  All these feelings will pass.

You may not be able to maintain a clear brain forever in the beginning. But you can take small breaks from disorderland. And those breaks will open space in your life for growth and discovery to happen.

We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. -1 Cor. 10:5b

Rebekah Burcham


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