Gentle Health

I want to eat healthy without being obsessive. I want my recovery to empower me and I can’t be powerful running on exclusively doughnuts and pizza. But where does self-control and and restriction begin?

Just like in exercise, the balance isn’t an invisible line, it’s an attitude. Introduce health gently. You are strengthening your body, not stripping it down to perfection. Health makes your skin glow, your hair shine, and your energy quadruple. Every choice to add more fruits and veggies, drink more water, or take a multivitamin makes your body perform well in the present and prepares it for the future.

Discover what health means for your body. Maybe you notice that eating a cupcake makes your brain go fuzzy for the next few hours, so you remember not to eat one before a test. Maybe you notice that eating protein with your breakfast makes you feel ready for the day, so you start adding eggs, lean meats, or a protein-infused smoothie.

Never eat something to punish yourself (naked salad is the usual culprit). Never choose not to eat something to punish yourself. Don’t eat guilt or shame when you could be eating delicious food. If you’ve just binged, notice how your body is feeling. Don’t think you can’t possibly eat a freaking meal after what you just did, notice that your stomach is uncomfortably full and you’re feeling lethargic, so you rather drink a cold glass of water. Don’t think oh my gosh you’ve been eating so much sugar stay away from that that cookie, notice how your body is responding to the sugar overload (Do you have a cold? Have you been feeling tired?) and ask yourself, what could I eat right now that would help me feel my best?

But also don’t eat to reward yourself. If you’re succeeded in something fantastic, take yourself out to the movies, go on an adventure, visit a lake or waterfall, call an old friend, or paint a picture.  Reward success with life. Food isn’t life, all it can do is fuel it.

Eat healthy to celebrate your body. Enjoy food and choose an attitude of love and nourishment.

Rebekah Burcham


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