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We’re kicking our disorders and embracing big, fat, juicy lives.

Why “Big Fat Juicy?” I’ve spent the majority of my life avoiding largeness in my life. Noise, crowds, adventure, fat, confetti. My “recovery,” this transformational love affair with Jesus, is the opposite of that oppression – it’s a big, fat, juicy celebration.

Why Jesus? Because inspirational quotes, tumblr, therapy, calorie goals, intuitive eating, tea, yoga, and all-natural peanut butter aren’t enough to fix me. Because recovery without Jesus is just a way to cope with the crazies in a more socially acceptable (and comfortable) way. Because I could be a dry bulimic just like an alcoholic can be a dry drunk, and I can’t live that way.

Because God so loved me that He sent His only Son to die for my disordered mess. And because that makes all the difference.

Who are you? I’m an eighteen year old woman, I’m a writer, I’m the Programming Coordinator at a Children’s Museum, I’m a waitress and hostess at a Thai restaurant, I’m a creative writing teacher, I’m a reader of classics, and I’m a friend and sister and daughter. I’m also recovering from bulimia, self-harm, and indulgent insanity. You can read more about me here.

Who are you?

Join the Big Fat Juicy conversation. Comment. Question. Submit your story. Share your photography, poetry, ideas. Talk to me. Don’t be afraid to share your struggles, your fears, your hopes, your epiphanies – we’re here to fight for each other.

Don’t be shy! Step inside and introduce yourself. We’ll get along famously.

Other Sites to Explore

UNGLOSSED: an online magazine about true beauty (this site is no longer updated, but it still has a wealth of information).

Something Fishy: an eating disorder recovery site

Remember it Hurts: an eating disorder recovery forum

Teen Beauty Tips: life & beauty from a christian perspective for teen girls

To Write Love On Her Arms: a hope-giving website primarily focused on depression & self-injury

We Bite Back: a post-pro-ana site


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